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Student Plans for Spring Break

By Kahleel Bragg
Staff Writer

As the semester rolls on, many students on campus are excited and anxious for spring break. This year’s spring break begins Saturday, March 8 and will end on Sunday, March 17. This is a time for students to take a nice break from school, get away, relax, and regroup as they get ready for an intense second half of the semester. Some students take vacations, some become couch potatoes, and some students, who dorm, sometimes use this break as time to spend with their families.

Destiny Gellar, a junior Public Relations major, is extremely anxious for this year’s spring break. “I really can’t wait until the break comes,” said Gellar. “My friends and I planned a trip to Miami and I’ve never been—it’s going to be great.”

Taking a vacation seem like a popular choice for college students during spring break. Popular destinations appear to be Virginia Beach, Miami or Orlando Florida, California, Cabo Mexico, the Caribbean, and Atlantic City, just to name a few. Cruises are also popular for college students around this time of year. Danny King, a senior Media Arts major, goes on a cruise every year during spring break with his family. “It’s become a family tradition since I’ve been to college,” said King. “We like to switch up the destination every year, this year’s trip is to Aruba.”

After experiencing a brutal winter this semester, some students around campus might be anxious to get away and encounter some beautiful weather during spring break. Freshman Psychology major Dominique Jenkins said she just wants good weather during spring break. “I’m staying home for break, but I just hope its good weather in March,” Jenkins added. “This winter has been very cold and annoying.”

Not all students look forward to the 10-day break. Michael Schule, a sophomore Political Science major, believes that spring break is pointless. “I’d rather not take a break in the spring, we should just continue the semester and start our summer early,” said Schule. When asking Schule what he’s going to do over the break, he replied, “Nothing—I have nothing planned. That’s why I’d rather be in school.”

Spring break is three weeks away, and will hopefully be an exciting and relaxing time for students. After spring break, school-work will only get more challenging and frustrating, so use spring break to relax and recharge.

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