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Student Success Workshops

Nicole Ramlogan

This past week started the series of 12 student success workshops that will be spread out over the course of this semester.  The Academic and Career Planning dept and the Cooperative Education & Internships are sponsoring this series. These series of twelve different workshops can help students with almost anything they are looking for. They vary from time management, reading strategies, helping you build a resume and financial help.

This program was on Effective Studying Strategies and took place on Wednesday September 28th and like the rest of the workshops it takes place during common hour. Erin G., a freshman and an education major said “I honestly had no method to study and it was hard making this switch from high school to college and I was overwhelmed, but this program gave me a lot of ideas to help me study.”

At first they asked all the students what kind of study techniques they used that worked for them. It was able to show the rest of the students what other kind of methods students can use to study and maybe take some ideas from them and incorporate it into their own study routine.

Some other topics that were covered were being organized and picking a good place to study that will benefit some students the most.   Another topic was asking for help. Sometimes professors explain a topic that you may not understand and asking for help is a vital option. Students can always talk to other students or directly with their professors. Also speak with academic advisors, because they can help students with certain issues.

The academic advisors stay after the program is over to answer any questions or concerns that you might have. Visit the departments of your major and get more information if any help is needed. The next Student Success workshop will be on October 5th during common hour in Humanities 119 on effective test taking strategies.

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