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Students Share Semester Goals

By Anand Venigalla

Features Editor

Summer is over and students have returned to campus to begin a new semester. Their return is a time to reflect on both their past accomplishments and future goals for achievement and success.

Julia McCloe, a sophomore musical theater major, has substantial goals in mind. “One of my goals is to get more involved in the Pioneer community. I want to explore all
of the various opportunities available to me at Post,” McCloe said. “I also want to find a way to make student voices heard more clearly when it comes to what goes on at LIU. I sometimes feel as though student opinions aren’t considered when big decisions are made at the University, and I’d like to open up an easier way to communicate with faculty. I’m striving to get higher grades than I did last semester as well.”


Lennon Ashton, a sophomore music education major, has high hopes. “I’m really look- ing forward to coming back to Post. LIU Post is a great school with great vibes, amazing students, wonderful faculty, and it’s a place where you really get the most out of your education. For me personally, I’m looking forward to teach music in the future and this place is getting me so much closer to my dream job, and I think this is going to be a successful school year for all of us,” Ashton declared.



Michaela Fox, a junior musical theater major, intends to explore more of her passions. “I’m really excited for this year ahead. I know junior year is really challenging and it pushes people and I’m ready for the challenge; my main goal is to entirely delve myself into my work, [and] to have more fun than I had in the past. My first two years were this adjustment period and getting used to school, and this year I’m into this groove, I’m into this pattern, and I’m ready to stick with it and keep going and have my method and have my pattern and make it work for me.”



Juliana Caputo, a junior adolescent education major with a concentration in English, is also hopeful for this semester. “I realize it went so fast and it kind of just hit me when I became a junior, so I’m really looking forward to getting more involved on campus. There’s a couple of clubs I’m hoping to join, and I’m really enjoying my classes this semester. So it’s exciting being back,” Caputo mentioned.






Matt Goldstein, a senior criminal justice major, says he also wants to be more involved on campus this year. “Right now I’m Vice President of Be the Change, so that means I’ll have a bigger role promoting the club, making sure more people go to events, and making this club bigger and better. And also [I want to] make sure [that I ] go to a lots of sports games, that athletes can come in [to the club] and more fraternities and sororities, and more collaborations with them for events.”




Amanda Jean-Louis, a senior music major, expressed her hopes to meet the challenges that senior year will pose. “Classes are a lot more demanding than usual, as is to be expected, but I will be attacking it with every fiber of my being and I am also going to be really balancing that with a social life and doing exactly what I did before.”

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