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Students Show Talent at Post Café

By Tina Kasin

LIU Post has a variety of different talents, both hidden and shown. The Alpha Xi Delta sorority gave many students a chance to show that at the Post Café event they hosted on Tuesday, October 23 at 8 pm. Students were able to sign up prior to the event, but they were also able to do it spontaneously, as the main point was for it to be an open-mic-night.

Post Café took place in Hillwood, right next to Starbucks, and the performers were heard throughout the building, attracting other students to come watch. The attendance was positive; the audience loudly supported the brave souls standing behind the microphone.

This is the first time Alpha Xi Delta has done anything like this event, and approximately 50 to 70 students showed up. “We wanted to bring a lot of orgs together who usually don’t do things with Greek life ‘and open the door’, so that hopefully, in the future, there will be more unity on campus,” said Alpha Xi Delta sister, senior and Criminal Justice major Kristin Mendes. “It was also a great way to get everyone’s minds clear during midterms.”

“I thought it was a great event where students were able to show their talents,” said Alpha Xi Delta sister, junior and Sociology major Marit Ronningen. “I think we should do it again, because it’s an awesome way to get to know new people.” She also said she does not think she has any talents that she would want to show other students, which is why she prefers to just sing in the shower. There were four AXD sisters all together that sang and read poetry.

Approximately 10 to 12 students performed, and some of them went twice. The participants did not get anything for joining. It was everything from songs, to poetry and raps, to guitar playing, and then a band finished the successful night. The event went one for an hour and a half. People left the area with satisfied looks, probably happy to be entertained by the many talents, and to get a valuable break from midterm studying.

“I think the event went well. A good amount of people were there, and I thought everyone was respectful. I would definitely go again,” said senior and Marketing major Sanger De Vine.

The response among the students that showed up appeared to be positive, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. Maybe that means the sorority should think of hosting an event like this again. “Rumor has it, though, that there will be another open mic night in the upcoming future,” said Mendes.

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