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Study Abroad Registration Down

By Margaret Pepe
Staff Writer

The deadline for applications to study abroad during the fall 2015 semester is March 30. To date, the fall semester has a smaller number of students registered to participate in one of LIU Post’s international study abroad programs.

“I think many students are not aware of the financial aid and scholarships they can apply to for studying abroad, therefore they tend to stay away from the possibility,” said Patricia Seaman, Director of International Studies.

Photo: Jeniel Terrero
Photo: Jeniel Terrero

“We usually always receive a good amount of applications during the month of March,” Seaman said. “If someone is interested, they are more than welcome to set up an appointment to get all the information and explore all their options.”

On average, LIU Post sends 75 to 100 students to study abroad each semester on one of the affiliated international campuses. “We are always looking to increase the number of students who go abroad,” Seaman added. “England and Australia are two of the most popular countries that our students go to, but Spain is becoming a contender.”

Seaman suggested that more students study abroad in the spring semester than the fall semester. “Spring is usually more common because they can travel after the semester is over into the summer. Although interest in short term summer programs is growing.”

One reason fewer students may be signing up to study abroad is that credits do not always transfer over. Some students have complained that upon returning to LIU Post, they had repeated credits, or their classes abroad wouldn’t count towards their major requirement.

“I have heard that a lot of people don’t get all of their credits transferred over,” said Mariel Bourie, a freshman Music Education major. “It definitely would scare me away because I wouldn’t want all my hard work from previous semesters to be wasted.”

However, Seaman said this is not the case. “If you study abroad with an affiliated program, you are still registered with LIU. Therefore you are still receiving credits as if you were taking classes here,” she said. “If you study abroad through an approved non-affiliate then your courses have to be approved by your major department and study abroad office before you go, so you will know exactly what courses you’ll be getting credit for once you complete them.”

To register for one of the study abroad programs, students can make an appointment to meet with Patricia Seaman in Winnick House, Room 221. “Coming to the office to find out all the options and aid available is a great way to start the adventure,” said Seaman. There are currently 12 programs students can choose from, including Thailand, the United Kingdom, Australia, Bali, and Morocco. More information can be found on

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