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Suits & Sneakers for Cancer Awareness

By Ida Ynner Lagerqvist

Sports and Photo Editor

On Jan. 23, in connection with the men’s and women’s basketball games, all coaches and athletic department staff wore sneakers and suits on the sidelines.

Casey Schermick, director of athletic media relations, described how the choice of footwear was in a partnership with the American Cancer Society and their nationwide event “Suits and Sneakers” week. “They wear sneakers to raise awareness for healthy lifestyles and other aspects that can help prevent cancer,” Schermick said.

In addition to wearing sneakers, the school collected donations during the two basketball games for the American Cancer Society’s cancer research.

Besides from the suits and sneakers week the school takes part in other awareness events. “The school tries to get involved with as much as they can. In October, a lot of the teams dress in pink for breast cancer awareness month and in the spring The East Coast Conference has the mental health awareness week which the spring teams take part in,” Schermick said.

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