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Summer Classes at Post

Julia Rosén Staff Writer

In less than four weeks, the spring semester will end. If you feel like getting a jump-start on your college studies, going to summer school might be the right thing for you. Post offers more than 900 undergraduate and graduate classes on campus that can help you fulfill your degree requirements.

TK Wu, a senior Film major, enjoys summer classes because it’s an opportunity to concentrate on only one or two classes, whereas during the spring and fall semesters you may be taking up to six classes. Wu said, “Summer classes are nice because they’re short and concentrated.” However, because of the short time period, according to Wu, the classes are hard work. “There are [exams] every week, so that means if you miss more than one day, you’re done.”

Even though Wu sees some of the benefits of summer school, he believes that there are some negative aspects too. The problem with classes over the summer, according to Wu, is that students don’t get to know a lot of people because the experience of making friends dur- ing the regular school year is easier.

Jordyn Leder, a sophomore Physical Education major, said she would not be taking summer classes because it’ll be too expensive since she does not live on Long Island. “I live in New Jersey and it is too far for me to [get to] Post, and it’s inconvenient to spend the summer there when I work at home,” she added. Even though she is not taking summer classes this year, she has considered enrolling in a summer session because it would help her graduate earlier.

Nicole Urbs, a junior International Business major, has taken summer classes for the past two years at Post. “It is nice to take summer classes because you do not have the pressure of the other classes like during the school year,” she said. “It is also a chance to get a head start for the next year so you do not have to take as many credits during the fall and spring semesters.”

According to Nicholas Ramer, associate dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, all summer classes can be taken during the regular semester too. ”Most of the classes in the summer are in the core with some electives.”

If you would like to enroll in summer classes, head on over to your MyLIU account and register today. According to the Post website, tuition is $974, per semester hour, for undergraduate classes and $1,068, per semester hour, for graduate classes. Classes run in three, five weeklong summer sessions, from May to August, and range from one to four credits. For more information please contact Academic Advising Office at 516-299-2746.

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