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Summer, Fall Registration Moves Up

By Angelique D’Alessandro

Executive Editor

Editor’s Note: Jack Georgis is The Pioneer Newsletter editor & assistant online editor.

Students were notified that summer and fall registration would be moved up, via email from Beth Wilkow, university registrar, on Tuesday, Feb. 5.

Enrollment for the summer and fall 2019 classes began on Feb. 13, nearly a month earlier than last year’s registration, which began on March 5.

Students can login to their MyLIU to register for classes

The email did not explain why the change was made.

According to the email, students who wish to register for classes must be “in good financial standing and have an enrollment date listed on MyLIU.”

But the earlier registration date posed issues for some students whose financial aid hadn’t yet cleared for the spring 2019 term.

Jack Georgis, a sophomore computer science major, said the earlier start was confusing.

“On Feb. 20, I had my meeting with my Promise coach. I finished making
my schedule at [the Promise office] and then went to my computer on MyLIU to register,” he said. “When I put in to confirm, I had a hold on my account. It said that it was because my account balance was overdue.”

After searching on his MyLIU account, Georgis realized he didn’t owe an overdue balance, but instead his student loans won’t finish distributing until the next month.

“The registration took place before my loans could distribute,” he said. Georgis was able to register the next day as the hold on his account disappeared.

But not all students find an issue with the earlier registration. Ashley Rodriguez, a junior accounting major, believes the earlier registration helped make her registration process easier.

“I work full time while going to school, so I like knowing ahead of time what my schedule is looking like,” she said. “I tend to only do classes on either Tuesdays and Thursdays or Mondays and Wednesdays, so I feel like [early registration] gave me a greater flexibility to see what classes would be offered and kind of change around my schedule for senior year.”

In terms of the efficiency of the new date for registration, Rodriguez said the earlier time had no negative effect on her registration process.

“It was pretty easy,” she said. “I was able to meet with my Promise coach on [Feb. 13] when it initially opened up, and then I enrolled on [Feb. 15].”

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