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Super Bowl Predictions

Kathleen Joyce 

Recently, I have become seriously involved in football, well, NFL football to be exact. My team of choice is the New York Giants, as they are the team my family follows. I have never been a huge football person because I couldn’t truly understand the whole sport, but after watching a few football movies or rather the movie, Little Giants, I have grown to understand the point of the game. These past few weeks, the football world has grown a bit more interesting as teams fight their way into the coveted Super Bowl game.

Last week, the New York Giants played the almost undefeated Green Bay Packers. In an upsetting game, the Packers got creamed by a score of 37-20. The New York Giants will play the San Francisco 49ers, an underdog team that hasn’t seen a Super Bowl championship since 1994. The New York Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007 against the New England Patriots. The predictions for this game are tough. I happen to be a Giants fan, but watching the 49ers all year, it’s clear that they have been a tough team to beat. Only losing three games the entire season while the Giants have lost seven, the safer bet would be the 49ers to win.  Being a faithful fan, I still hope and know the Giants will upset San Francisco and walk to the Super Bowl against…..

Last week two other games took place in order to determine the teams that will play in the Superbowl. The Baltimore Ravens beat the Houston Texans with a score of 20-13. The New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos played, but unfortunately the Patriots seriously defeated the Broncos with a score of 45-10. The Patriots will battle the Ravens in a brutal game. I do predict the Patriots will beat the Ravens. The Patriots have a great offense and Tom Brady, although I hate to say it, has a killer arm and is an “elite” quarterback.

So, for the 2012 Super Bowl, we already know that the Giants and the Patriots are meeting again in Indianapolis. Interesting how five years later, these two teams will meet again in another showdown that will determine the winner of NFL Superbowl. I could be wrong, but can the Giants really beat them again? Only time will tell. But I do know one thing: this is going to be a hell of a show that I invite everyone to watch, football knowledge or not, the fight is well worth watching.

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