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Cheers to that! To drink or not to drink? That is the question!

By Kristy Oconnell Staff Writer Imagine yourself, a senior in high school – way back when! And imagine yourself sitting in your room thinking about college. What were you most excited for – higher education? That’s doubtful. It’s nice to think that advancing ourselves is the first thing we get…

DWI: Drinking While Immature?

Angela Alfano Staff Writer At 18 years of age one is legally considered to be an adult. At this age, a person can vote, adopt children, join the military or become a commercial pilot. So why shouldn’t an 18 year old, living in America, be allowed to drink? The fact…

Drink Up! – Water at It’s Purest

Its true, the drinking water at C.W. Post is guaranteed to be the best water. The Jericho Water district supplies the water for C.W. Post Campus as well as for the whole distribution system, which include major portions of Jericho, Old Brookville, Muttontown, and Syosset. As stated by Peter Logan, the superintendent of the Jericho Water District, “the water we provide is the best water, even better than bottled water.”