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Drink Up! – Water at It’s Purest

Its true, the drinking water at C.W. Post is guaranteed to be the best water. The Jericho Water district supplies the water for C.W. Post Campus as well as for the whole distribution system, which include major portions of Jericho, Old Brookville, Muttontown, and Syosset. As stated by Peter Logan, the superintendent of the Jericho Water District, “the water we provide is the best water, even better than bottled water.”

Logan assures safe and high quality drinking water. Sampling points of bacteria are done every other week, exactly the first and third week of each month for bacteria testing at C.W. Post Campus. He includes that testing for first organic chemicals and second organic chemicals are done not only for the campus, but for the whole distribution system in general. Logan mentions, “ there are over 240 categories of chemicals that exist.” The district’s assurance for safe and high quality is required by them, the New York State Health Department, as well as by the Nassau County Department of Health. “We do random sampling everyday to make sure we are pouring out the proper amount of chlorine,” Logan says.

The test samplings done by the Jericho Water District check for the amount of chlorine, and bacteria that is poured into the water. Approximately, 60 samples are completed per month. Four samplings are done coming out of the faucet overall and two samplings at the end of the year. The district does this for about 30 sites and in two steps, alternating weeks.

Logan does not comment on how the Jericho Water District water level stand compared to other water districts in Long Island but says, “we meet the standards of the Nassau County Department of Health and also meet the required samplings.” However, he does agree upon the theory of C.W. Post drinking water provided by them is the best water. “We get all the water from ground water but I cannot tell you where the water comes from.”

If that’s the case, why do C.W. Post resident students buy bottled water if it is now guaranteed that the drinking water provided is better than what is in their refrigerator? Dana Block, a sophomore resident, said, “No I wouldn’t stop buying bottled water because I believe it would taste better and that it is cleaner. I would not replace it with drinking water.” Another resident student, Kim Kessel, a junior, said the opposite, “absolutely, I would try the water,” and also mentions, “I would prefer bottled water but would drink the tap water if this is true.”

The resident students view this fact differently, but why not take advantage if C.W. Post provides water that is better than bottled? Wouldn’t that save us money from buying bottled water? It really depends on the persons’ preference and taste. However, it would not hurt to try it out and give it a chance.

The Jericho Water District is the largest and commissioned water district in New York. The water district is 37 square miles in size. The Jericho Water District started in 1923 and currently completed 85 years of business. Besides the fact that they have been in business for a while and have the experience, they also guarantee to provide the best water around.

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