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Posts tagged as “Hillwood”

Grand Opening of the Student Boutique

By Julian Wilson  Staff Writer LIU Post’s new boutique, located in the old gaming lounge in Hillwood, attracted faculty, staff, and students to its grand opening, Nov. 12. The anticipation was high as guests waited for the special ribbon cutting, which symbolized the official debut of Post’s first student-run store.…

Change Within Reason

By Dani Naess Hellesund   Staff Writer Hillwood Commons at LIU Post is changing. There is talk of a juice bar, candy store, Apple Store, non-alcoholic sports bar, new cinema, and even rumors about a Chipotle being built. A new clothing boutique is already open. A McDonald’s rumor was dismissed at…

Where Have All the Movies Gone?

“We have a movie theater?” This was the common response when students where asked if they noticed the movies shown in Hillwood were disappearing. The answer is yes; Hillwood Commons does have a Cinema where movies are shown. Some movies that are shown have not yet been released on DVD. The Association for Campus Programming (ACP) sponsors these movies.