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Where Have All the Movies Gone?

“We have a movie theater?” This was the common response when students where asked if they noticed the movies shown in Hillwood were disappearing. The answer is yes; Hillwood Commons does have a Cinema where movies are shown. Some movies that are shown have not yet been released on DVD. The Association for Campus Programming (ACP) sponsors these movies.

ACP used to show movies every Saturday night but has since scaled back due to lack of attendance. The movies have not completely disappeared; recently they have just been changed to new settings. ACP has decided to try out different locations and events to boost attendance to the free film screenings.

Since the semester began 3 events have taken place, an outdoor showing of “Toy Story 3” during the first week of the semester, a screening of the Oscar winning “The Blind Side” and, a drive-in movie at the Pratt Center where “Grown Ups” was shown. Due to the weather, however, the first two screening were moved indoors. “ I enjoyed the movies when they were shown. I was free and it was something fun to do on campus,” says senior Jackie Levine.

A Monday Night Football event was held last week for the Jets game, food was provided and Jets tickets were raffled off. ACP president Ashley Deal says the movies will keep coming along with new events like Monday Night Football. For Junior Cori Rende these changes will not convince her to attend, “I probably still would not go, I have a busy schedule with work. It is easier to go to the movie theater. Even though it costs more I can fit in my schedule.”

ACP will judge the frequency based on attendance to these events. “Showing the movies is very expensive, we want to make sure we are spending that money on something the students will enjoy,” says Deal.

In the mean time if you are looking to fill that free movie void in your life, PTV has added more movies to their lineup. PTV plays movies at 2pm and 7pm, with the premiere film shown at 10pm. You can find the PTV lineup each week in the Pioneer.

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