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Tangorra’s Got Talent

By Margaret Pepe
Assistant Features Editor

Nick Tangorra, a freshman Public Relations major, has been grabbing the attention of other students. He has also been attracting attention from people all over the country. Tangorra started posting videos of him singing on YouTube about four years ago, when he was 14. In 2013, Tangorra was also a finalist on “America’s Got Talent.”

Nick Tangorra, a freshman public relations major.
Nick Tangorra, a freshman public relations major.

The videos he posts are usually covers of popular songs, with a few of his own songs, and often feature his older brother, LIU Post alumnus, Raphe Tangorra, on the drums.

“I think ultimately what inspired me to get so involved with music is my passion. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve just loved music,” Tangorra said. “My grandfather passed away when I was young and we were going through some of his stuff; we found records of him performing from back in his day. Ever since I’ve loved music and feel like I’m connecting with my grandfather every time I get on stage.”

Being a finalist on “America’s Got Talent” is a huge accomplishment for anyone, but to Tangorra, his biggest accomplishments are not about titles and competition. “I think my proudest accomplishment so far would be how successful our EP did on the charts, landing in the Top 20, and also getting to perform at Nikon Jones Beach Theat,” Tangorra said. “I’ve been going to shows there my all of my life, so for people to be there to see me was just absolutely mind blowing.”

While Tangorra has already accomplished so much, he still has big dreams. “I would love to tour with Bruno Mars,” he said. “His music is incredible and style is remarkable.” Tangorra also states that he would also love to tour with Amy Winehouse. “But I don’t think that’s possible,” he said jokingly. “At least not until they make her hologram.” Aside from who he would like to tour with, Tangorra says his biggest goal is “to be heard, but most importantly to be true to myself and my craft.”

“At first I didn’t know who Nick was until I saw him perform at the Columbus Day Parade and recognized him from around campus,” said Ariana Franz, a freshman vocal music education major. “To fellow music majors and music lovers, it shows that a music career isn’t just a dream, it’s a reachable reality. I fully support and admire his determination.”

As a young singer, with a bright career standing in front of him, you would imagine Tangorra would be studying music at Post. But Tangorra is currently enrolled in the Public Relations program. “I really am fascinated with how it all works in relation to advertising, social medias, and a celebrity’s/company’s relationship with their fans,” he said.

As for Tangorra’s plans after college, he said, “Keep doing what I’m doing! Music is forever!” Tangorra said. “I’d also like to get married and start a family. That’d be nice too.”

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