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Tastes of the World

By Jill Borowski
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-04-08 kl. 22.23.26

The International Student Union (ISU), a multicultural organization that aims to foster growth and inclusion of the entire international student population at Post, presented a “Tastes of the World” demonstration in the lobby of Hillwood Commons during common hour, on Wednesday, April 2.

“Tastes of the World,” gave Post students the opportunity to experience different world cultures from the perspective of international students. The demonstration was part of a series of events for International Student Recognition Week. Students from India, Japan, China, Korea, Sweden, Norway, and Taiwan cooked signature dishes from their respec- tive countries for everyone to try.

A table in the lobby featured dishes ranging from Taiwanese bubble tea to Swedish cinnamon buns. About 50 or so students attended the free event, and a few faculty members also stopped by to try a bite.

The food offered at “Tastes of the World” included: Taiwanese sausage, kokosbollar, haw flakes, White Rabbit creamy candy, chocolate-coated biscuits, soft flour raisin cake, vegetable biscuits, silang green onion thin cracker, white heimm, strawberry French pie, Gen Je pie, kameda potapota yaki (rice cracker), onidako (kameda rice cracker), samosas, and Gulab jamun.

“I think it is a great way for students to experience different cultures; food is the best way to do this,” said Kiren Mykoo, a senior History/ Political Science major from India.

“I am happy that a lot of Americans are interested in different countries, and that my American friends can experience Korean culture,” said Nomi Park, a freshman Health Science major from Korea.

Vibeke Aarstad, a senior Accounting major from Sweden, agreed. “I think it is a great experience for the stomach; it also educates our fellow students about our cultures,” she said.

Tomoko Motoyama, a freshman Public Relations major from Japan said that she was excited to “represent her country,” and that “everyone was able to get a taste of Japanese culture.”

An international fashion show was also held as part of the International Student Recognition Week.

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