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Ten Facts About Post, Part V

By Rebecca Martelotti
Assistant Features Editor

1) In the 1960s, the university built the campus radio station WCWP.

2) Hillwood, which was Marjorie Merriweather’s home, was made to resemble her father’s office building, located on the grounds of the Post Cereal Company headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan.

3) The LIU Post equestrian team uses the same horse stables that were originally on the property and used by Marjorie Merriweather. The structures were moved from the center of campus, to the south side of campus, where they are currently located today.

4) The water garden on campus, originally built in 1923, was restored in 2001 by Blanche Karlan, a friend of the university workers who donated $100,000.

5) The 47-foot labyrinth, including the stone bridge, and benches, was named the Karlan and Geisman Meditation Garden in memory of Mrs. Karlan’s husband Lazarus.

6) The estate pool was used by the university up until 2001. After the university purchased the estate they enclosed the outdoor pool for the students. The pool was demolished on December 14, 2001, because the university built the Pratt Center, which includes an eight-lane swimming pool.

7) In June 2004, the university restored the mansion on campus. Gary Winnick, class of 1969 donated $8 million for the project and therefore the building is now named the Winnick House.

8) Some old bricks on campus have the word Post emblazoned on them. They were made in Post, Texas, a city founded in 1907 by Mr. Post.

9) On the balcony of the Great Hall, there is a decorative stained glass crest celebrating the 50th anniversary of the campus that was put there in 2004.

10) The tennis courts Marjorie and her family used were located where the labyrinth is today.

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