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The Balancing Act: College and Everthing Else

By Rebecca Martelotti
Assistant Features Editor

In college, trying to balance work, school and your social life may leave you wondering how to fit it all in. With the freedom to choose how to spend their time, college students may find themselves struggling to maintain grades and keep up with friends. Every student has wished for more hours in a day, but focusing priorities and learning time management skills can help balance college and everyday life.

One of the most laborious aspects of a college student’s life is academics. Between classes, assignments and studying, the days can become short and a student’s time can become consumed by school. In order to put time aside for things that don’t involve textbooks, budgeting your time can be extremely beneficial.

“I carry my planner with me everywhere and write down all my homework deadlines and work schedule, so I’m completely organized,” said Brittney Cataldo, a senior Early Education major. Scheduling can be essential to succeeding as a college student. With a busy and packed schedule, academics can suffer.

Many students are not only enrolled in school and worried about friendships, but many also have part-time jobs they need to maintain. Setting aside a certain time during the week to work on particular assignments and planning workdays around your most difficult classes can be a profitable solution.

When students put social activities first, it can become more difficult to negotiate school and work commitments. Building a schedule could help ensure that you have time for everything—work, school, and a social life, without feeling overwhelmed by all the different demands.

With the various responsibilities students have, they often can neglect themselves. A student’s own personal health needs, like diet, exercise, and sleep, can be completely forgotten once school starts. “Personally, I put time for myself first. Sometimes in order for me to study or finish an assignment, I need to clear my head. Whether it’s watching TV or listening to music, I just need those few minutes,” said Joseph Marra, a senior Computer Science major.

“Once school starts, I set aside two days during the week when I can work out,” Cataldo added. “Exercising relaxes me and increases my concentration on my homework. It makes me feel refreshed.”

Students who work hard at school and jobs and then manage to squeeze in time for a social life can quickly become burdened by demanding obligations. Complying with a moderation mantra will help students stay sane throughout the semester.

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