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The Balancing Act

By: Kathleen Joyce
Staff Writer

Most college students face the challenges of balancing school with work and, not to mention, the occasional nights of going out with friends. Some of your fellow students juggle full-time jobs and internships as well. You wonder how these guys sleep sometimes. After talking to a few C.W. Post students about their schedules, it became clear that even though everybody has a set of different priorities, school remains the most important.

Alexandra LaRocca, a junior Public Relations major, works as a waitress on the weekends for quick cash. “Going to school full-time while working hours during the weekend is definitely hard, but it’s something I have to do,” LaRocca said.  “I wish that I didn’t have to work so much to pay for school, but at least I know I’m getting a good education, and it’s all worth it in the end.”

However, senior Journalism major, Melissa Wolff, has chosen not to hold a job during school. “I have a scholarship and need a 3.0 GPA for it. It’s too difficult to keep a job and keep up with my grades, so I chose to just focus on my schoolwork,” Wolff said.

Some students, like junior Photography major Emily Rawson, choose to work on-campus as part of the work-study program here at C.W. Post.  As an assistant in the Photography lab, she helps students develop photos and work on the computer software. “It’s really convenient,” Rawson said.  “I’m able to do my homework while I’m there. And my boss is really easy going, he doesn’t pressure us.”

For each person, the decision may be different.  But whatever the circumstances may be, we must remember that college is a reflection of what’s to come for our future.  Whether we’re trying to handle a job, a family, a husband or just simply the bills, it all ends up becoming a balancing act.

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