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The College of Education Wants Your Opinion

By Carlo Valldares
Staff Writer

The College of Education, Information and Technology Student Council (CEIT), organized and hosted two non-exclusive open events in attempt to engage the students on any questions they may have about their campus and to get an understanding of their needs and interests. This was the council’s first event they organized and took place on Wednesday, January 29.

CEIT is a student council made up students, faculty, and administration. Matthew Coleman, the president of CEIT Student Council, and a graduate student in Adolescence Education, further clarified the purpose of the council. “Ultimately, we cater to the students and want to provide every student with a voice. We are an open-minded and flexible organization and have received tremendous support from Dean Robert Hannafin [the Dean of the College of Education] and Dr. Vincent Scovetta [faculty liaison].” Coleman continued, “Ideally, the student council will develop a home base for CEIT students. We would like to plan a variety of networking and social events.”

“Meet the Dean!” was the name of the event, and it occurred during common hour in the Pioneer Room. The meeting was geared toward undergraduate students, due to the availability they have during common hour. However, although the meetings were intended for students within the College of Education they ended up serving students of all majors. The second meeting was held on the same day from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and was hosted in the Instructional Media Center (IMC), located in the basement of the Library. The evening meeting was offered at a later time to fit the schedule of graduate students. However, neither of the meetings were exclusive, both graduate and undergraduate students were encouraged to attend the events. The event was promoted via Twitter, Facebook and flyers around campus according to Coleman.

The common hour event was attended by roughly 60 students, while the evening meeting was attended by about ten. Nonetheless, students who attended the events completed anonymous surveys. Sarah

Naqvi-Syed, a senior English major and secretary of the CEIT Student Council, explained the purpose of the anonymous survey. “We wanted to have an account of what the students are interested in

seeing or learning more about from the CEIT so that the CEIT student council can attempt to meet and address their needs and interests and allow them a way to voice their concerns or opinions, which can then be relayed to their departments,” Naqvi-Syed said.

“We also wanted to allow the CEIT student council to see the students are interested in joining the council (this is the tear-off section which includes their name and email for the $50 raffle, so we can contact them).” During the meeting students received a cookie, and were entered into the $50 raffle once they completed the survey. Naqvi-Syed said that the winners will be revealed this week via email.

At both meetings, Hannafin, the dean of the College of Education, was present and was attentive of the students. “Dean Hannafin sat with students and spoke with them. CEIT student council wrist bands were given out to those interested in joining the council,” Naqvi-Syed stated. “Dean Hannafin spoke individually to students who attended and asked him their own questions and voiced their concerns and opin- ions.”

Hannaffin was pleased with the outcome and the effort of the CEIT Student Council. “I love the energy, I love the willingness to make something better and put the time in, ” he said. Get involved, you’ll enjoy your experience here more.”

CEIT Student Council is hopeful for the future and is looking to make the “Meet the Dean!” event an annual tradition, according to Syed and Coleman. They are focused on spreading the word of the council and establishing worthwhile events for the LIU Post student body. “Overall we had a great turn out of students from many different majors and de- partments,” Syed concluded.

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