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The Commuter Column: Aggressive Driving

Kathleen Joyce

Now I know I have admitted in the past about my “aggressive driving,” but I’ll let you in on a secret, I have some serious road rage at times. Driving to me is a gift, you studied for this test for almost a year, took the test maybe failed a few times like I did, then had to actually buy a car to drive. So after going through all this, you think people would drive the way they were taught to. So why is it that people drive the way they want to?

The other day I was driving to school when this old guy cut me off in his tank of a car. I was livid, my tires scraped the ground making that awful noise and the smell of burnt rubber was in the air. I sped past him to flip him the bird. This winner comes up next to me, shows me a badge, and tells me he’s going to arrest me for vulgarity. Vulgarity? Is that even real? I started to laugh, it was early and I was already cranky, if he wanted a fight, I was ready. The guy looked to be about 80 years old, so I asked if he was retired because he seemed old enough to be. He screamed back that I wasn’t a lady. Apparently, he hasn’t watched television in over 50 years. I screamed back that he should learn how to drive again. He finally waved me off then proceeded to cut off the next car and speed away. I guess he gets into these arguments often.

Well, after that I decided to not be so “vulgar” because then crazy people will come after me and I already have enough craziness in my life. But it doesn’t stop those horrid drivers on the road. You’ll experience one or more everyday on the road, but I have learned to keep your cool. It’s not worth starting a fight with a complete stranger, the only people you should have fights with are people you know. I mean that’s what your horn is for, to let people know you’re pissed off and they’re doing something wrong. Sometimes a horn honk is even enough to get another person mad, so when you do honk don’t make it obnoxious and long. Just give it a nice old tap and let it do its wonders.

As for the people who cut you off then die while driving in front of you, don’t speed up past them and start screaming. No, no. Just do what my friend does, speed past them take a look at the character that did cut you off and proceed to make fun of them while you drive away. It’s not the nicest thing to do, no, but it will keep you sane for a few minutes.

So if you are a victim of road rage, don’t panic! You can survive. Why let these people that you’ll have to deal with for no more than a few minutes get to you? It’s not worth it, so don’t worry about crazy drivers, worry about yourself. You’re the one behind the wheel so all the decision-making is up to. Safe driving to all this week!

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