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The Commuter Column: Are Commuter Students Getting the Same College Experience as Dormers?

Kathleen Joyce

We all remember our senior year of high school and when we had to make the decision of what college we would attend.  All of my friends except for me went away to school, but ironically half of them ended up coming back to Long Island for school. For undisclosed reasons, I stayed home although I would have given my soul to go away to school, just for the sole reason of being on my own and meeting different people. Then again, I could do it at a school on the Island. But for you commuter students, what do you think? Do you feel you made the right decision by staying home or do you feel you should have gone away?

I met up with a couple of commuters and was surprised by the results. Junior broadcasting major, Nicholas Vento, said, “I guess I don’t spend much time on campus, but I don’t mind commuting. I didn’t want to go away. If I really want that dorming experience I’ll go visit my friends who go away to school.”

Sophomore broadcasting major Alyssa Clarkin said, “I do spend a lot of time on campus because I’m on the dance team. I feel like if you know your major, when you go to class you see the same people every day, and can connect with them since you’re all going to school for the same thing.”

Freshman undeclared Alex Dimiris disagreed saying, “I would definitely rather dorm at a school. You don’t need to wake up early and drive. It’s nice to have a roommate and make new friends. I know if I stay around Post for next year I’m going to dorm just for the college experience.”

While I can agree with these students, one of the main reasons I stayed home was to work and to be near my family. My little sister was going through high school and I couldn’t abandon her during the four worst years of her life. I also got to work to help my parents pay for my tuition at school, since they are already paying for another college tuition. Whatever your decision of commuting or dorming was, it is possible to get the college experience you desire, it’s what you make of it, so make new friends and go out to local bars. Sometimes it’s nice to show the dormers the way around the Island.

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