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The Commuter Column: Being Roped In

Kathleen Joyce

Commuters have noticed some of the parking lots being blocked off for school trips, events at the Tilles, and more. I’m sure many of you have been frustrated with the blocking because that means you have to park in the back lot. What would get me angry is the fact that they would use a whole parking lot for two school buses because that isn’t sensible. But Public Safety uses this as a safety hazard, so what can we do about it?

Nothing really at first – just park where you can, especially if it’s after 11 a.m. And the days they do it on, we have no idea they’re doing it. So to start, you as a driver could ask the Public Safety officers blocking the gates when they are taking down the ropes so you can sneak out and get a good spot. It works – I tried it once and got a great spot. But believe me, those lots fill up fast.

I have said in the past I like the walks and what not, but not if I’m going to be late to class and lose a half a grade for being late. I suggest letting the school buses park in the back and have the kids walk up to the school. The buses are safer back there anyway, since everybody tries to avoid parking back there in the first place and it’s a ghost town after 12:30. So the buses have more space and the kids are young, they can walk farther than we can. I say let them walk so we can have our lot back. It’s not like the parking lot is dangerous. They might have to cross the street, but the cars are supposed to stop for pedestrians, which most of them do (sometimes).

I use this plan and suggest it to Public Safety as a way for us students to get our lot back and to use our lot. We of course want children to visit our school, but we don’t need our small, valuable parking spaces taken away either.

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