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The Commuter Column: Distractions While Driving

Kathleen Joyce  

Is it just me, or does driving totally stink these days?  From those awful cameras at red lights watching your every move, to the cops on every street, it’s like you can’t get a moment alone. Some days the driving part is the only time I have to myself, so I may look a little silly while driving, but it’s my time. This article will explain everything you need to know about driving without getting a ticket or, worse, arrested.

It’s comforting to see those signs that let you know there’s a camera at an intersection, but at most large intersections, there is no warning. You just have to pray that if and when you go through a red light, there’s not a camera flash. I look at every intersection to see if there are any cameras hanging on the poles. If one of those tickets appear in your mailbox, the fine is between $50-$70 depending on the town that issued it. The only thing you don’t have to worry about is getting points taken off your license. You’ll have to pay that pesky fine and not even bother arguing the matter in court because, let’s face it, the picture of your car going through the red light is on the paper. There are those times when we have to go through red lights to avoid accidents, or because our car is behind an 18 -wheeler and we can’t see the darn light, but most courts will take a long time to determine the case and it’s just easier to pay the fine.  This isn’t always fair, but that’s how the state makes its moolah.

Speeding is one of the worst offenses on the road. The fines are ridiculous, racking up close to $200 per ticket, and points are taken off your license. I’ll be brave and admit that I do speed and have a history of getting tickets because of speeding. But is paying a $200 ticket worth being on time to class and getting a good grade?  What about the risk of an accident, serious injury, or worse?  I’ll let you decide that one.

And of course parking, another one of my faulty attributes. Fellow students, if you plan to park in an illegal spot at C.W. Post, you are very likely to get a ticket. Public Safety has been buckling down this year. I have seen the emergency lights on the vehicles and it scares me. Tickets range from $50 to $80 for the offense.

Don’t be a statistic, but learn how to drive well and be cautious; it’ll be easier on both the  authorities and your wallet. So be prepared, look both ways, and of course, safe driving to you all.

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