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The Commuter Column: Driving to the Beach

Kathleen Joyce

Hello there, fellow commuter drivers! I wanted to take a break on the serious stuff and focus on how important summer will be. For those brave enough to drive to the beach this summer, you should take precautions because the cops are all over the place.

For starters, always bring a cooler filled with beverages. I’m not talking about alcoholic beverages although I am guilty to bring a few beers to the beach. If you really want to, be careful. Bring cups and pour it in the cups so you can keep the labels from the cops that are always scouring the beaches. Even driving with booze in your car could prove to be fateful especially if you’re underage.

When driving to the beach, always have your license and money ready. It’s awful that we have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for parking. When getting to the booths, it’s so much easier to have everything ready. Especially if you’re carpooling, have everybody produce some cash to give you.  Jones Beach is the worst because you have to stop at the booths and produce a ticket at the field as well.

Tailgating is always fun as well, but once again, keep the booze out of the picture. I have known many people that have gotten screwed by the cops. In my opinion, I would save the tailgating for a Mets game, especially if it’s a Mets vs. Yankees game. Keep the partying for the beach. Why pay all that money to relax in the parking lot. The sand is more comfortable.

So for those deciding to go to the beach before season, it’s a good idea because you won’t have to pay just yet. But it’ll be cold, so maybe tanning is all it’s good for right now. As always, I wish everybody safe driving from the beach and to wherever you may end up.

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