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The Commuter Column: Finding Our Niche

Kathleen Joyce

During my first two years at C.W. Post, I went to class, went to work, and then went home.  Just a boring two years, I didn’t even bother to find my niche or any friends for that matter. I don’t blame commuting, but then again I do.

As commuter students, a lot of us may have a bit more trouble making friends at school than those who live on campus. Living on campus, you’re around the same people 24 hours a day, compared to commuter students who are only there for maybe two to six hours a day. So how do we connect with people?

The greatest way to find friends, I found, was by declaring my major and taking classes with the same people in my major. After a few classes with them, you talk and get to know each other. By now, you two have things in common such as your major and you’re taking the same class. Joining clubs connected to your major is a good way to get involved and make friends, although it seems a little obvious.

Even random things can help you make friends. I was sitting by myself reading the paper and I saw a girl who was reading the Pioneer, so I struck up a conversation with her about what she thought, what she was going to school for, etc.

Maybe some of us are all right with just going to school and going home to what we have at home. Try to break out of your shell and find different ways to get involved. Little by little you could find out different things about yourself and meet the people who may become life long friends.

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