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The Commuter Column: Getting Back into the Ritual

Kathleen Joyce

Last Wednesday marked the first day of classes, which you obviously all know. It also marked the last day of summer vacation, the last day to sleep in. For those of us who are  commuters, we again have to face the traffic, the parking limitations, and getting that first cup of coffee in the morning. For those who are new to the commuter system, welcome! As a treat for you,  here are some tips from a long-time commuter at Post.

Guys, this doesn’t relate to you, but girls need time to get ready in the morning. (Sorry to break it to you, but we don’t wake up perfectly poised).  I like to wake up an hour before I have to leave so I can figure out what to wear and how to do my hair. There are definitely days that I’m just not in the mood to make the effort, and instead  I throw on ‘whatever’ and run to class.. But it’s the beginning of the school year! We should show that we care for a few weeks at least. (It also looks good to the professors.) .

Departure time is tricky. I have the luxury of not having to take parkways to school, but some of you do not. So fifteen minutes before your scheduled departure, you should check the traffic, consider your alternatives and decide whether you have to leave early. Getting to class on time is very important. It not only reflects on you as a person, but it may affect your grades as well.

Now that you’re on your way to class and hopefully driving safely, you get to the campus to find that all  available  parking is a mile away from where your classes are held. I enjoy the walk so I always park in a distant spot,  but I see those who brave it out and wait for a spot closer to campus. I definitely give those of you who do it much credit, but I would rather take the walk especially on the few nice days we have left. So now that you have braved getting up early, the drive, and the walk, you are ready to get to class on time. Hey, if you have a few extra minutes, get a cup of coffee or quick breakfast on the way too. Since we drive we can stop anywhere on the way and avoid waiting on the crazy lines at school. And I always love the jealous stares from my classmates when I walk in with my once- a- week frappuccino. So my fellow commuters, have a wonderful semester and be on time!

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