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The Commuter Column: Getting to Class on Time

Kathleen Joyce

Dormers, you guys have it so easy compared to those who travel an hour to get to school, because face it a lot of people at C.W. Post do commute long distances just to get to class. So we all know how important it is to be on time for a class. You’re fully aware that your grade could drop if you’re late, so commuters how do we get to class on time?

The horror stories I’ve heard about the L.I.E., the Northern State and Route 106-107 can make anybody not want to drive in the state of New York ever again. But these are the easiest routes to get to school. For the morning, I always wake an hour before I estimate my leave for school. Some days it’s harder than others to get out of bed, so if I don’t have time to do my hair, oh well I’m not going to school to impress.

During my time I always check the traffic radar on News 12 or click on the Internet for quicker information. If the traffic is heavy, I’ll take another route or just leave earlier. Is there only one route that you know of to get to school? No problem, on weekends when you have time, experiment with different routes to school or just take your normal route and leave earlier.

Traffic is probably not your fault, unless you’re causing the traffic, but it affects everyone. It’s a way of life, so to embrace it you have to hit it head on. Be prepared before class, leave early, or if you like that morning cup of coffee before school, just cut the line in the coffee shops. Just kidding, if you have to make your coffee at home, it’s cheaper and better for the environment. There are so many cute thermoses for on the go.

Showing your professors that you got to class on time is a huge step. They’ll appreciate you being responsible, and your grade will be better just because you showed up to class early or on time. With these better grades maybe your parents will buy you a new car and then you can speed your way to school on time. It’s just a dream, but hey a girl can wonder.

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