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The Commuter Column: Making Your Car Look Like a Palace

Kathleen Joyce

So this may seem funny now, but at the time it was important. A few days ago, a guy I have a bit of a crush on, we’ll call him Sam, was going to travel with me, in my car, to a local party. I suggested the idea because I wanted to spend some time alone with him before the party. But after I said it and he accepted, I panicked. This would mean I would have to clean the car, put it into tip-top shape. With only a few hours, I had to work fast. So here are a few tips to make your car jealous-worthy in an hour or shorter.

The first thing I did was go to my local car-wash and spend $10.00 to get it washed on the outside and a brief vacuuming on the inside. (Sorry, but did you really think I was going to wash my car in the cold? No, I didn’t like this guy that much.) At the car wash I picked up a few Refresh! Your Car Air Fresheners in Pina Colada for $1.99. Since we were going to be drinking that night, might as well start early.

After my car smelled decent, I closed up my cup-holder, since it’s coffee stained, put my water-proof mats on the floor, since it rained that night, and dusted my dashboard, just so he wouldn’t get the sniffles. I also threw out any garbage, old homework, and fast-food receipts. I cleaned the windows and admired my work. The car got my seal of approval and I was ready to go. And the car wash had taken close to 15 minutes, and the dusting and organizing  was only another 15 minutes. In all, a half hour and $12.00 was spent to make my car look like the beauty it can be. Now I had to get ready!

While driving there I wondered should I just drive the way I always do, or be more cautious? Should I make it seem like I am a good driver, or just drive like the maniac I can be when I’m anxious or excited? So while talking and driving, I relaxed and decided that I was just going to drive the way I normally do. Cleaning my car was already respectful enough, why should I change my driving habits because of him? He didn’t seem to mind, and we had a good time that night. He even commented on how neat I kept my car. Who says first impressions aren’t important?

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