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The Commuter Column: Parking on Campus

Kathleen Joyce

Here at C.W. Post, students are pretty lucky we don’t have to a pay a fee for parking. Some schools such as CUNY Queens and St. John’s University require students to pay a fee for the whole year. Others, such as NYU and Columbia University located in the city, don’t even offer parking permits. Finding parking is up to you, good luck! It’s almost impossible to drive in the city, so public transportation is pursued. Here at Post, plenty of parking is available, but it does a leave a problem for those of us who are always late to class.

Parking lots are located a good distance from the main buildings, Pell, Humanities, and Kahn. Those who get to school early are able to get in the smaller lots, which are a hop, skip, and a jump away from the main academic buildings. Those who park after 11:00 are stuck in the large parking lot away from everything. Some students get really creative and make their own parking spaces on grass or park illegally. A student who wished to remain anonymous says, “It’s not fair these students park like this everyday and never get tickets. But I have to say if you park in a spot that is not labeled you will most likely get a ticket.” Public Safety is always driving or bicycling around to make sure students haven’t forgotten the rules.

Now that the weather is becoming nicer, maybe we’ll all park a little further away and enjoy the nice views that C.W. Post offers or maybe we’ll still be late because the beach just looked like a much better place to go to before class. Commuters we want to hear from you! Send us questions, comments or responses at

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