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The Commuter Column: Personalizing Your Vehicle

Kathleen Joyce

Being a former victim of Catholic School, it was important for us students to personalize ourselves since we were wearing the same exact thing. So when you’re on the road, sometimes you’ll see some crazy decorations on vehicles. It’s hard to be driving a car that more than a thousand people will probably have and look different, but you can do it by making some simple changes.

License Plates: Customizing your license plates is not only fun, but it gets attention on the road. I love reading crazy license plates – it not only makes you seem different, but the people in back of you can enjoy trying to figure out what your license plate means. The price to customize costs between $60 and $100, depending on the time you order it.

Stickers – I used to have a bunch of stickers in my back window. Stickers like  Tinkerbell, Jimmy Buffett, and a flower. After my sister took over the car, she added a pair of lips and New York Giants sticker. My newer car holds a New York Mets sticker to show my pride. In my window, I also have a New York Mets tassel and a pair of dice. Some drivers like to put their sports team’s stickers, band stickers, and some funny sayings.

Lights/Tinting/Systems – I’m not all for having a “sick” system in my car, but I can appreciate why people do get it. The time that we most often listen to music is in the car, so spending money on a good stereo system may be worth it. If you’re into that, go for it – people are definitely going to hear what you’re listening to as well, if that’s your goal. Tinting windows to a certain degree is a good idea, but it’s also illegal to have if they are too dark, so be aware. Lights are also tricky. Having different color headlights and taillights are also illegal, but adding on lights to the bottom of the front bumper or windshield is legal and looks different and good when done right.

Other simple ways to make an impression are decorating your vehicle during certain holidays, having a car theme (I’ve seen Hello Kitty-themed cars before) or just keeping your car extra-clean. People notice dirty cars, but really clean cars definitely get noticed. They just look better making you look like a million bucks. So don’t be afraid to personalize your vehicle, no matter how ridiculous it may seem.

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