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The Commuter Column: Taking One Last Cruise

Kathleen Joyce

As this is my final commuter column, I’d like to take a moment out to reminisce about the good times I’ve had in these two years. For four and a half years, I had the pleasure of not living on-campus, but commuting to LIU Post. As a dork, I found new routes to the campus every day and even traveled to places around the campus.

Each week, I traveled on lovely Northern Boulevard and visited the stores or just looked at them from afar. My favorite place to go was the Miracle Mile or the Americana at Manhasset. So many high-end stores and so much to choose from, I just couldn’t help myself. I would visit the stores and look, but never buy because that would be impossible. The Americana mall is the greatest stress reliever – the place is like a utopia. It’s beautiful, perfect, clean, and sunny. I highly recommend it to those young shoppers looking to window shop – or if you’re lucky enough to shop.

From reading my columns, there’s a lot to look forward to when commuting, yet there’s always those downfalls, like parking, seeing the parking lots blocked off, walking to class in the rain, traffic, and more.. But as drivers, we can all agree the drive there is easier than the drive back. On the way there, we’re rushing to get there, listening to music, maybe smoking a cigarette or whatever you prefer before class, texting your friends, looking forward to seeing them, stopping for coffee, etc. The drive back is the hardest, now you have to go back to life, or like me, go straight to work or do homework. Now as I take my last drive home, I have the realization that I’m never going to be driving back and that breaks my heart. Those who are freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and even seniors, remember the good times in college and I hope you had them because I know I did. As for the new freshman coming in, take each drive as if it’s your last because in a blink of an eye, college is over and you’re an adult doing the same boring drive every day. Enjoy these days as much as you can. So as a farewell to my fellow LIU Post students, I wish you safe driving from here on out.

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