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“The Como Brothers” to Perform at MIC Fest

By Thomas Gillen
Assistant A&E Editor

The first annual MIC Fest will be held on April 9 and is presented by the Music Industry Club. “The purpose of MIC Fest is to support local music and encourage more music involvement on the LIU Post campus,” said Michaella Bowne, a junior arts management major and the vice president of the Music Industry Club at MIC Fest. There will be live performances by artists such as ‘The Como Brothers Band,’ Sam Woolf, Sarah Barrios and Shorebreak.

The Como Brothers Band is among those performing at the annual MIC Fest, which will be held on April 9, hosted by the Music Industry Club.
The Como Brothers Band is among those performing at the annual MIC
Fest, which will be held on April 9, hosted by the Music Industry Club.

“MIC Fest was started as a really cool way for students interested in Music Management and Music Marketing to make their mark and plan something awesome for the LIU Post community,” Bowne said. Besides the live performances by the artists, several Post students will also perform at the festival as a prize for winning a contest held by the Music Industry Club called the 2nd Annual Phenomenon Singing contest. The winner was Savannah Cummings and the finalists included Rick Roberts and Henry Mozard, who will both perform at MIC Fest.

The Como Brothers Band is made up of Matt and Andrew Como, native Long Islanders who grew up listening to Billy Joel and The Beatles. Matt Como described how their band came into existence. “My brother Andrew and I always loved music. Our parents and uncles surrounded us with great music since we were really young. Even when we were babies our mom and mad were playing The Beatles and Billy Joel to us. Starting our band was very natural and organic,” Como said. “It was an extension of what we were already doing. Andrew and I were playing music all the time and we loved writing songs. Eventually we just needed to give ourselves a name because we were already doing music – so we picked ‘The Como Brothers’ because it was genuine. It’s who we are.”

Matt and Andrew thought about performing at MIC Fest when their merchandise manager, Michaella Bowne, suggested the idea. “Michaella Bowne is a great friend of ours and has been our merchandise manager for a couple of years. She was organizing this event with her fellow students and she asked us to play at MIC Fest and we couldn’t be happier to come perform at LIU – it is such an awesome college.”

In addition to performing at MIC Fest, The Como Brothers are going on a tour during the same week with fellow artists Sam Woolf, Dylan Brady and Sarah Barrios. They do not just play events on Long Island and New York City, the band has played up and down the east coast in states like New Hampshire and Florida. Matt and Andrew have other plans besides going on tour in the next coming months. In April they will be recording several songs in Los Angeles with their producer Aaron Sterling, who has worked with artists John Mayer and Sara Barielles. The brothers will then collaborate with Sam Woolf and producer Mike Watts to record another song on Long Island.

When asked about the different songs the band will play at MIC Fest, Como said, “Andrew and I will be playing our original songs. We hope that these are songs everyone can have fun jamming along to. We have a couple of new songs we will perform. Our friend Sam Woolf is playing at MIC Fest with us as well – so we’ll play a couple songs with him also.”

Como explained why students should watch The Como Brothers and the other artists perform at MIC Fest. “It’s going to be a great time! We like to have fun. This is what we love to do. So come down and hear some great music!” MIC Fest will be held on April 9 at 12 p.m. on the Creative Quad outside the Tilles Center. To purchase tickets, contact Michaella Bowne at or purchase them at the door.

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