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The CSI Challenge

By Talia Charlton
Staff Writer Skjermbilde 2014-04-15 kl. 23.29.39

On Friday, April 11, the Forensic Science and Chemistry departments, and Forensics World, hosted an LIU Post CSI Challenge. Forensics World, an organization that creates interactive educational programs for students, collaborated with LIU Post to host this year’s 14th annual CSI event. The event, held in the Pratt Recreation Center from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., brought together 26 high schools that competed against each other to win first, second, and third place prizes. LIU Post students were given the opportunity to get involved as volunteers.

The CSI Challenge is an event held for aspiring forensic scientists and students interested in the field of law enforcement, to learn about the ins and outs of solving a crime scene investigation. Students who participated in the event were given a scenario that involved a murder case and were asked to solve the case in teams. Step-by-step, they solved the case by collecting forensic evidence, interviewing witnesses, and even presenting their evidence to a mock court.

“Culinary shows are very popular today, so what we did was to create a scenario that had to do with a chef’s competition, where one of the chefs gets killed,” said Dave Tricamo, the Executive Director for Forensics World USA. “It’s exciting this year because we’ve partnered with LIU Post to host our 14th annual event here in the Pratt Center,” Tricamo added.

LIU Post was one of many sponsors to help make this event possible, providing Forensics World with the event space. Around 500 students from 26 high schools all over Long Island, including East Meadow High School, Islip High School, and Long Beach High School, were given the opportunity to learn, as well as use a series of forensic techniques in order to solve the mock crime. Law enforcement workers also attended the event to help evaluate and critique the scenario as it went on.

Police officers, detectives, and forensic scientists all helped deciding which would be the winner, and provided them with a series of trophies and prizes.

Students who wish to learn more about law enforcement or forensic science have the opportunity to gain their education in such fields at Post. LIU Posts College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, as well as a Bachelor of Science, Masters of Science, and Masters of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice.

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