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The Fashion Column: Jewelry

Marisa Anziano

As the old adage goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” While there is no mistaking the timelessness of diamonds, there are five other fall trends currently proliferating our campus. These trends are bound to bring confidence and excitement to combat the grey, dreary weather that is ahead of us.

The first trend is jewel-toned jewelry. Jewel tones are vibrant colors that mirror precious or semi-precious gemstones. Jewel tones range from emerald green to amethyst purple and everywhere in between. With this fashion, it is the brighter the better! Forever 21 is the best place to find inexpensive jewelry in general, but even more so for jewel tones. For instance, a ring with a jade-colored center stone would be perfect to add a dash of color to the neutral hues of fall.

The thoughts of mixing metals, my second trend for this season, might make a few of you nervous. However, mixing gold and silver jewelry together has a seemingly endless potential to move any outfit from humdrum to chic. Pair a chunky silver watch with gold bangles and you have created a more dynamic look to an outfit. In fashion, sometimes imperfections have a way of working in harmony. This trend is even better than others because of its versatility.

From Native American-influenced necklaces to feather earrings, there is no doubt that a fall jewelry trend this year is all about going tribal. One of the leading brands marketing this style is Free People, which combines hippy-style pieces with tribal ones. Free People’s Horus Pendant necklace is a great example of how mixing orange and golden hues with statement jewelry provides fashionistas with bold, tribal-inspired looks. Wear a necklace such as this one with a cozy sweater, leggings, and boots to highlight the power of bold accessories. “Tribal-inspired jewelry is so in style this season. It goes with all types of outfits and is also a great way to dress up a more casual outfit,” says Public Relations major, Erika Amandola.

Rose gold has become one of the most popular metals in jewelry this season. Rose gold is pinkish, and has a warmer take than traditional gold. There is no better brand than Michael Kors to exemplify the ability of rose gold to add a distinctive touch. Kors’ rose-gold watches are popping up all over on celebrities and fashion mavens alike. “I love Michael Kors’ watches because they are reasonably priced, comfortable, and the size of the face of the watch is perfect,” Junior Public Relations major, Devin Fassberg said. This trend looks good with virtually any skin tone and there is really no wrong way to wear rose-gold jewelry.

Large cuffs are another trend to watch this season. Available in a multitude of colors, cuffs definitely make a statement. Junior Psychology major, Lisa Corbett believes that “Large cuffs and bangles tie an outfit together and make it look like you are more put together without trying.” Grecian cuffs are the most popular form of this trend and can be found in most stores.

Jewelry showcases an outfit because of its ability to make everything look seamless. An entire outfit can hinge upon one piece to bring your style from ordinary to extraordinary. Check out Forever 21 especially to create your own personal style at an affordable price.

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