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The Fight for Spots

By Kahleel Bragg
Staff Writer

Skjermbilde 2014-03-25 kl. 21.11.15
Parking lot next to the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library.

Commuter students, faculty, and staff know how difficult it is to find a good parking spot on campus in the morning. Here at Post, it is first come, first serve. This ongoing issue has become even more of a problem for faculty and staff since Canrock employees were granted permission to park in the faculty/staff parking lots near the library.

As The Pioneer reported in its January 29 issue, Canrock Ventures LLC, is an early stage technology venture capital fund that moved from Hicksville to the LIU Post campus, during Thanksgiving weekend.

Canrock’s temporary offices are in the basement of the library, but it will move to its permanent location at the top of the Commons in Hillwood soon. In the parking lot near the library, there are 137 parking spaces that are available on a first come, first serve basis, for all faculty members and staff. These spots are now available to Canrock employees as well.

“There are approximately 30 Canrock employees working on the campus. However, there are no more than 20 employees working each day, and they all come to work at different times of the day,” said Marcia Harrington, director of Public Relations for Post.

Since their current location is in the basement of the library, they have been assigned parking in the lot next to the library, according to Ryan Attard, director of Entrepreneurship. That parking lot, which is one of the closest to the classroom buildings, is not as big as others. It is one of the most popular parking lots for faculty members, and since December, they have been sharing it with Canrock workers.

When Canrock moves to its permanent location in Hilllwood Commons, its employees will then be able to park in the parking lot behind Hillwood, where again, it’s also first come, first serve, for students, faculty, and staff, but where more spots might be available.

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