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The Final Boost

By Joseph Chang, Staff Writer

As the semester comes to an end, many students find themselves preparing, and potentially cramming, for finals.

‘[I’m] dreading all of my final assignments due to the fact [that] they are on the last day of classes,” freshman English major Joseph Interrante said. “It would be different if I had to complete them individually. Since they’re all due the same day, it is almost as if they’re grouped up in my mind as well.”

Some students, however, find their exams enjoyable. Junior philosophy and criminal justice major Thomas Digennaro is excited for a final that he gets to prepare an argumentative presentation.

“I love to talk, let people know what’s going on inside my head. I always like the opportunity to present and talk about something,” he said.

To aid in concentration while preparing for exams, it’s common to listen to music.

“I listen to all kinds of music when I study,” Interrante said. “But recently I have been listening to a 24-hour Chill-hop radio playlist on YouTube. It really helps me zone out and do my work.”

Digennaro’s music taste differs from Interrante.

“I’m a pretty big Grateful Dead fan,” he said. “They’re known for their long jams, and there’s not a lot of singing going on – it’s very LoFi, and it’s good background music. I like to play it very faintly to provide a mellow vibe for my studies.” 

It can be crucial to allow time to relax and take a break from studying during this time.

“I’ll give myself a little reward once I finish what I’ve planned to do for that night, and I’ll sleep so much better because of it, so I just tell myself: ‘just get through the work’,” Digennaro said.

Some students prefer to focus on their physical health during their study breaks. 

“I personally use physical fitness as my outlet,” Interrante said. “I feel like exercise helps me remain being productive while still taking a break from my mentally taxing work.  It has been extremely rewarding as well.”

When finished with finals, students are already planning their summer vacation.

“Honestly, I’m just really looking forward to getting to the beach,” Digennaro said.

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