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The First Date

Daniel Caccavale  

We have all been there time and time again, the first date. To some it is the most important date there is. It’s the one that everyone makes the biggest deal about. “What am I going to wear? Where are we going to go? What are we going to talk about?” It is a time full of excitement, stress, and question, but is it still as important as it used to be?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. If you ask a female, she will probably give you a most definite answer of, yes, the first date is still important. Sophomore adolescent education and English major, Laura Fitzgibbon, thinks just that. “First dates are important because first impressions are important no matter what. This is your first serious encounter with someone.” Junior photography major, Brittany Dembowski, also agrees. “It really is a big deal if you don’t know the person because that is like a first impression of how the relationship could go.” Well, this just turns the pressure up because now we guys have to try and really impress.

But not all guys feel the same way. Junior film major Christopher Suchy said, “I think the whole idea about the first date and the way it’s supposed to go has become very overrated these days. It used to be the romantic thing for a man to be the one to ask a girl out, have it all planned, and sweep her off her feet. It’s supposed to be a thing from the movies, but these days I feel it’s much more casual.” So to many guys this idea of a first date is a bit overrated now. But that doesn’t mean you can slack; you still have to show up and impress as much as possible. Traditionally this falls on the guy. Most of the time it is the guy who has to plan it out, figure out the perfect place for the first date, which is a lot of decision making, especially if you barely know the person.

So for all you guys out there, here a few date ideas that may take the burden off your shoulders just a bit. Keep it simple, there is no need to rent a limo and take her to a five-star restaurant on the first date. Dinner at a simple, more casual place will do fine, and it will keep your pocket a bit fuller. The typical movie and dinner sounds great but movies can be awkward. The first date is a time to see if you want to even attempt a second one, so go places where you can talk and interact more, perhaps mini golf. McDonalds is not dinner, drive through is not a good first date meal, so spring for the little extra and go somewhere fun. Chilis or Applebees are both good choices. Most importantly, relax and just be yourself. Conversation and a fun date will come naturally if you don’t think about it. No need to stress over it. Chill out and just have a good time and enjoy the company.

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