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The Graduate Column: The Latest In Graduate School News

Sandra Elien

Have you ever wondered what the most “popular” areas of study are for graduate students at our school?  C.W. Post offers a variety of master’s degree programs in the College of Education and Information Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Management, School of Visual Arts and Performing Arts, as well as in the School of Health Professions and Nursing.  According to the Director of Graduate Admissions Carol Zerah, statistics show that “the College of Education and Information Sciences enrolls the greatest number of graduate students: over 1500.”  However, just because a particular program possesses a high enrollment does not necessarily mean that the program is “popular.” A prospective graduate student has to especially select a program of interest to him or her based on his or her need to achieve personal strength and enrichment.

In an effort to explain why there is a disparity in the enrollments for various master’s degree programs offered at C.W. Post, Zerah said that “enrollment numbers are not necessarily indictors of ‘popularity’.  Some programs are intentionally small because they are relatively new.  Or, the enrollment numbers are intentionally limited due to program requirements – student to faculty ratios – and clinical placements.”  For example, Zerah stated that “though the M.S. in Genetic Counseling is a small program (less than 20 students), the program is only in its second year. The program is, however, quite popular with applicants, and we receive many more applications than we are able to admit. The program is competitive, and, therefore, the enrollment numbers are not high. But, that does not mean that the program is not popular.”

Zerah further stated that “graduate enrollment numbers vary for many reasons [because] students apply to programs which interest them, and they apply to programs which will enhance their credentials to bring them toward the achievement of their career goals.”  Although being enrolled or seeking to apply to a “popular” master’s program seems appealing, Zerah said that “it can be rewarding to be enrolled in a large program as well as a small, more refined program. It would be an individual preference.”

Are you currently an undergraduate seeking to broaden your horizons? It is never too early to think about graduate school.  Zerah informed the Pioneer that “graduate admissions counselors are also always available to meet with Post students. Our admissions counselors are available to assist you to apply to graduate programs here at Post and to determine if you are eligible for any of the Graduate Scholarships available to students. If you’re graduating in December, Zerah said you could apply and receive “admissions decision to begin [your] graduate studies in the spring 2012 semester.” And, if you are still unsure, “Student Success Workshops offered by the Academic and Career Planning Office [can be helpful, as] these sessions offer tips for finding and choosing the right school and program.  The counselor will offer assistance in successfully navigating the graduate admissions process.” In essence, there are a variety of master’s programs available on campus. Should you wish to learn more about the various graduate programs, numerous graduate open houses are held throughout the year, where questions about all of the academic disciplines can be answered.

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