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The Name of the Game is Chivalry

Alex Parker

I broke up with my boyfriend of almost five years, just about two years ago. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for a halfway decent guy. It always starts out the same; they’re caring, sweet, and charming to a point of irrationality. So they get you going for a week or two and you start to like them. That’s what called the “talking” stage?

This is a new aspect of a relationship. In the days of our parents you were dating and then you were boyfriend and girlfriend. Today, there seems to be multiple erroneous steps on the way to a relationship that our generation has created.

After their sweet and charming stage also known as the “honeymoon phase”, they start to show their true colors; who they really are. That’s the time that us girls should make our most critical judgments about them. Having been single for the past year and a half, I’ve come up with some problems that I find with not just one but, most guys in their early twenties.

The name of the game is chivalry gentlemen; and none or vast majority of you don’t seem to believe in it anymore. Instead of knocking on the door or ringing doorbells, we get a text saying, ”I’m outside,”…Oh thank you, how charming. And God forbid you opened a door for us. I know how menial that sounds but a little goes a long way.

If you ask me to go out to dinner with you I don’t mean the drive through at Wendy’s or a pizza that we take back to your dorm and eat on the couch. If we’re going out, I expect to go sit at an actual table in a real restaurant. I’m not saying it has to be a five star restaurant in Manhattan but if there’s a dollar menu it doesn’t qualify as a date.

Another thing, have any of you gentlemen ever heard of a florist? If you take a girl out a few times and actually like her, there’s no better surprise than a random bouquet of flowers. Even if it’s just a single flower, it’s something to let us know you’re thinking about us. Furthermore, a text or message on our Facebook wall does not suffice.

I truthfully do not understand the common dating practices that our generation has adapted to. I would still like to think there’s one special someone that will make me feel like I’m the only girl walking the planet. Not like I’m the best looking girl to stumble across his Facebook or Twitter account that day.

All you of guys wonder why us girls are relatively bitter and cynical about dating and end up not wanting to be anything more than friends with you, here’s the bottom line: treat us like the young ladies that we are. If you treat us like something that’s common, like you could have ten other girls who are just like us, we’ll move on to the next one.

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