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The Pioneer Staff’s New Year’s Resolutions


“For 2012, I wish to stop living in the past and focus on my future. I hope to get an

internship, and do well in all my classes. A happy, healthy, and successful year is all I

can ask for.  –Chrissy Morgera


“To have a successful semester of student teaching, and find a job after graduation.” Jaclyn Goldstein


“To stay on top of all my school work this semester, and graduate!” Helene Bruckner


“To get A’s in all of my classes.” Jess Falconer


“To stay in shape, and eat healthily.” Devon Trenkle


“Stop procrastinating.” Marisa Anziano


“Get as much out of Australia as I possibly can!” Olivia Wicik


“To study abroad.” Marissa Poggio


“To have a good year in school.” Chantell Moore


“To learn my way around campus.” Paul Kalis


“To make a difference in someone’s life.” Alex Parker


“To lose 20 pounds and learn to ride a bike!” Alea Rahim


“To find love, quit Chili’s, and find the job I was meant to have.” Kathleen Joyce


“To finish college with good grades, and learn as much as I can.” Andrea Deignan


“To stay on top of all my work next semester.” Daniel Caccavale


“I want to get a job, an apartment, and travel.” Jacqueline Favaloro


“Keep working hard, and continue to strive for the best!” Anne Winberry


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