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“The Place to Be” – LI or NYC?

By Destiny Diggs
Staff Writer

Lively, energetic, and impetuous-yet-driven people seem to be the motto of Manhattan residents, as it satisfies many desires of a dynamic. The city’s attractive lights, noisy streets, uniformed apartments, and interesting people moving at various speeds speaks for itself, and gives a valuable life lesson. Every day in New York City, people are constantly moving and going in different directions, traveling to a certain destination. In the midst of the entire hustle and bustle, residents still seem to push through the crowd until they get to their appointed destination. People travel in taxicabs, trains, buses, subways, cars, or even by walking just to get to where they want to go. For instance, out of the 7.6 million people who travel through Manhattan everyday, everyone has one goal in mind: to get to their destination. Inspiring, right? The city does not only promote hard work and a business mindset, it attracts a population who would rather paint the town.

The city offers a wide range of intriguing activities, especially for young people. Danae Glover, a freshman Undeclared major, stated, “I’d rather live in the city in my 20s, but when raising a family, I’d rather live on Long Island.” When one hears of visiting the city, their first thoughts revolve around Broadway Musicals, art shows, fashion shows, eateries, concerts, film festivals, museums, galleries, cultural events, sight- seeing, shopping, marine exhibits, and wildlife parks—the list is endless. However, people often forget that places other than Manhattan offer a great deal of fun, too.

Brooklyn, for example, is beautiful with its iconic Brooklyn Bridge and Promenade that boasts view of the Bridge itself, Lower Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty. The city of Brooklyn is a nice getaway without being in as much traffic as Times Square.

The Bronx is home to one of New York’s national baseball teams—The New York Yankees and the Yankees Stadium, The Bronx Zoo, as well as the renowned Botanical Garden, which is known for some of the oldest trees in the city, along with a 50-acre forest. In Belmont, Bronx, lays a street full of tasty Italian eateries and bakeries, so popular that it has earned the name of “Little Italy” on East 187th Street.

In Queens, there is The Chocolate Factory Theater, which promotes new, visual artists of dance, theater and music. Queen’s historical Kaufman Astoria Studios, once called the Paramount Theater, took place where over 100 silent films were created.

Harlem is the home of the paradigmatic Apollo Theater, where musicians such as Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong performed. African markets have sales daily where tourists easily find great bargains. Next time you think of the city, don’t forget about Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Harlem. These areas each have a unique culture that they are famously known for. Visiting a new place is like looking through a new lens, take a chance and visit!

Long Island can easily be overshadowed for its beautiful homes and the Hampton Bays, but according to Samantha Cebollero, a Psychology freshman from Middle Island, “There is much more to do than just soak up the sun and shop.” Shelter Island provides a scenic route for the family, along with its nature trails, beaches, and bike riding. Fire Island is a place where many enjoy the summer, with its plentiful ice cream shops. In Montauk, one can go fishing, kayaking, and host bonfires. Port Jefferson, located on the water, has a shopping town with a variety of stores such as crepe stores and a mini mall. In the winter, Port Jefferson hosts a Charles Dickens festival and hands out free marshmallows that the crowd gets to toast.

Long Island has a wide variety of eateries, such as New York Bubba’s Burrito Bar in Islip, serving irresistible burritos for all to enjoy. Sweet-eats are also a popular demand on the island. Places such as Queens City Cupcakes and Hollywood Sweets will satisfy any Long Islander’s sweet tooth. A person of any age can have a great time without spending a substantial amount of money, compared to the city where it’s easier to spend.

The city is always enjoyable but Long Island presents an unforgettably friendly experience that will leave a good impression on not just New Yorkers, but tourists as well. The cities of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Harlem are fast-paced with people of all walks of life and are great for weekend trips with friends. However, Long Island is family-oriented and can you a great deal of money. Keep an open mind because both Long Island and the city are great—it depends on what you are looking for!

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