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The Student Body Holds First Sale

By Julian Wilson
Staff Writer

The Student Body, Hillwood’s fashion boutique, held its first sale on March 3, during common hour. The aim of the sale was to raise awareness on campus about the new boutique, and to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students and others. Clothing, shoes, and accessories were on sale in order to make room for the spring inventory.

Tamir Dayya, manager of The Student Body, and his student associates planned the event. “The event was about creating an atmosphere for people to relax and get reintroduced to The Student Body. We also took feedback and recommendations from students and restored our inventory with items that students requested. It’s about moving out our old inventory, and bringing in a new one,” Dayya said.

The store was packed with about 50 people, as purchases were being made. Music filled the air as DJ Lomo of the campus radio station, WCWP, helped create an ambiance for shoppers.

Employees were excited about the changes being made. “A main reason we held the event is because we’re trying to bring in new, exciting stuff, so we need more room,” said Antonette Daure, a sophomore Forensic Science major who is a sales associate at the boutique.

Lucie Chrastecka, a sophomore Pre-Medical Biology major who also works as a sales associate, gave hints on the new inventory. “We have some new items such as big handbags and different, colorful clothing, maybe even some sunglasses,” she said.

Nicole Urbonas, a senior International Business major who works as the merchandising director, said that the store is full of new clothes for the spring. “We recently went to the Javitz Center in New York City for a trade show and selected a vast amount of new, spring- oriented merchandise,” she said.

“The sale was promoted through flyers on campus and social media,” Daure said. “[I] Can’t say for sure how many students came out, but it was busy that day,” she added. Students are not the only ones shopping in the boutique. “We have a wide range of persons come in, from students to professors, to Aramark employees, so it’s pretty much even in regards to who shops the most,” Daure said.

“In terms of planning, this event has been ongoing for a few weeks, seeing as we want to get the new clothes out and introduce new products as soon as possible.”

No other upcoming events are planned at The Student Body this semester.

“We’re not entirely sure about any upcoming events just yet, but we’ll definitely let everyone know before hand if we do plan to have something similar,” Chrastecka stated.

The Student Body is open from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, for the remainder of the spring semester.

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