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The Wave Hosts Annual Scavenger Hunt

By Dylan Valic

Staff Writer

The Wave will be hosting a scavenger hunt from Oct. 28 to Oct. 30. Teams of two will be able to register to compete on the Waves website until Oct. 26. The winners will each receive an $100 Visa gift card.

Once students are registered for the event they will be tasked with finding different locations on campus based on clues provided to them each day. New clues will be posted daily on the Wave’s Instagram page, @thesoundofliu.

According to Sarah Ren, a junior psychology major and the organizer of the event, students will need to send pictures of themselves at the locations each day to the Wave’s Instagram account. Pictures need to follow all the rules, which include: the picture featuring both team members, both team members wearing shirts that match their team color and the location being visible in the photo. Students will also need to name the location in their message.

Points will be awarded to each team depending on how fast they send in a valid response. The team that gets the most points will win the com-petition. The winners will be announced during the Hillwood Rooftop Halloween Party on Oct. 31 during common hour.

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