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Theatre Film and Dance Building

Last updated on Nov 17, 2015

By Danielle Marano
Staff Writer

At the beginning of the fall semester, a change occurred in the Theatre, Film and Dance building. The faculty members, whose offices had always been in that building, were told that their offices would be moved to the basement of Humanities Hall.

Professors who hold their classes in the Theatre, Film and Dance building, now have to travel back and forth between buildings.20151117_103245

According to Rosanne Reddy, secretary to Cara Gargano, Chair of the Department of Theatre, Film, Dance and Arts Management, this change was made in order to create more space
for the classes that will now be held in those rooms.

“Some faculty have been [relocated] for voice lessons in those spaces, and eventually a renovation, which is not planned in detail yet,” Reddy said. “I haven’t yet heard a student complain that the faculty isn’t always in the building, but I do see how it could be an inconvenience.”

Davyd H. Suber Jr., Director of the Dance Program, and Cheryl Halliburton-Beatty, a professor of Dance, were both moved to the basement of Humanities Hall.

Alex Mitchell, a sophomore dance major, disagrees and finds it an inconvenience that her professors aren’t available to her in the same space.

“I think it’s a lot less convenient than it used to be. In our department, we have contracts that we have to do throughout the semester. Mine is office assistant, which means I help out in the Dance Director’s office. It’s annoying to travel between buildings to do this,” Mitchell said.

As of now, the students in the dance department have no classes within their major in Humanities, so it makes little to no sense to have their professor’s offices there. “It would be so much easier for everything in our major to be in one place, including our professors,” Mitchell said. Yet, there is no plan to move the professors’ offices back to the TFD building. There is also no definite plan about when the building will undergo renovations. For the time being, the situation will remain the same. “It is what it is,” Suber said.

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