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Time Management Workshop

Samantha McGarry

Academics consume most college students’ lives, along with the jobs we need, the gyms we try to get to, the families we have to see, and the friends that we all want to keep. Oh, and we all need to sleep and relax eventually. So, how do we manage all of these things we have in our lives?

On March 1st, during Common Hour in Humanities Hall, Room 119, a Time Management Workshop was held by the Academic and Career Counseling and Peer Mentor programs. Taylor Hole, a freshman History Education major, said, “I realized how crazy I was getting over midterms and projects that I felt the Time Management Workshop would help me figure out how to stay [away] from going crazy.” The workshop was an overall success, with about 30 students in attendance.

The Academic and Career Counseling program started with a review of the resources on campus that can help students relieve stress and get a helpful hand. The resources that the Academic and Career Counseling program spoke about included the Peer Tutoring Center, located in Post Hall, Room E17, the Disability Support Services, located in Post Hall, the Writing Center in Humanities Hall, Room 202, and the Student Health and Counseling Center, located in the Life Science Building. Room 154.

The workshop also helped students by discussing some goals an average student would need to keep his or her mind on the prize. The Academic and Career Counseling program suggested that every student should make a schedule of what he or she has to do for the week, make use of a daily planner, and set up a study schedule to help reduce stress.

Some Peer Tutors spoke about P.O.W.E.R, an acronym that stands for Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate, and Rethink. The Peer Tutors gave out some helpful hints that they use to keep themselves loyal to their P.O.W.E.R strategy.

The Academic and Career Counseling program informed students that by utilizing some of the strategies outlined in the workshop, they might be successful in beating procrastination.

The workshop also reached out to commuters and gave them some hints, like listening to audiotapes of their professors on the way to school to help them retain the information from class.

The Time Management Workshops have been held throughout the year, but this was the last one of the semester.

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