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‘Tis the season to get chubby…

By Kathleen Crowley

Congratulations to those who followed along with the Pioneer’s nutritional guide to a healthier and happier lifestyle –you did it! After three long months, we’ve together learned how to eat, live and think healthier. However, with the long winter break ahead of us, it is now your time to take all that you’ve been taught, and bring it home for the holidays.

You’ve learned what to eat and what not to eat, how to avoid temptations, what to eat for energy, how to become motivated to workout, how to avoid stress, and even how to work off those weekend indulgences at Campus pizza. You’ve all come a long way, and now isn’t the time to forgo all the hard work you’ve accomplished. As much as we would love to, the Pioneer will not be delivered to your doorsteps this winter break, so it is up to you to research, learn, and put energy into trying new nutritional information to get you through the holidays.

We’ve given you the ground rules to establish a better life, now challenge yourselves and continue to bring your health to new and better heights.

But before you go, the Pioneer requests you all to follow these 10 healthy commandments this holiday break:

Above all, relax. Take this time off to snuggle up, sleep in late, and just breathe.
Eat well. Don’t worry about calories; don’t worry about carbs! Go ahead and eat your Grandma’s holiday cookies, and feel free to indulge in Dad’s infamous pancakes. Now that you are not forced to eat cafeteria food, enjoy your favorite home treats, guilt-free!
Get some rest. Now is your time to make up for those sleepless nights during finals week, so take a mid-day nap, or two! Go to sleep early, refuse to wake up late, and simply just enjoy your own bed.
Be a kid. Soon college will be over, our real life responsibilities will kick in, and we no longer will have the luxury of doing what we want, when we want.  So go adventure, go explore, go run around in the snow and do something silly. Christmas carol, build snowmen, create snow angels –let those childlike ambitions loose and just live it up.
Drink hot cocoa for breakfast. Nothing is better than chocolate in the morning, and this holiday season is the only time I’ll encourage it! Pour, sip and indulge in hot and soothing perfection.
Give back. We are all so blessed to attend such a wonderful University and be a part of such a beautiful and educational environment. There are kids out there who only dream to one day go to college, to one day go to a school football game, to one day have a warm cooked meal. Over this break, lend a helping hand and share your blessings with someone less fortunate. Whether it’s donating old clothes to the poor, visiting the sick, or volunteering at a soup kitchen for Christmas dinner –bring a smile to someone else this holiday season, and your selfless acts will remain in both your hearts forever.
Spend quality time with family and friends –for it’s what the season is all about.
Write a thank you letter to someone who helped you get by this fall semester. Whether it is a professor, a friend, or a staff member at Hillwood or Winnick Cafe, share the holiday spirit and show your appreciation.
The best present anyone could ever wish for is good health, and you have the power to grant such a blessing upon yourselves. Continue to work day in and day out on becoming the most beautiful person you could be, both inside and out. (And remember, with New Year’s Eve sooner than ever, don’t forget the mental and physical pain it takes fitting into last years little black dress.)
And last but not least, be happy for exactly who you are and be proud for all you’ve done. Have a wonderful holiday break, and a happy and healthy new year.

Best wishes,

Katie Crowley 🙂

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