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TKE: “Better Men for a Better World”

By Harry Pearse
Staff Writer

Eric Simonson (pictured above) president of TKE, and senior Marketing major. Photo by Kimberly Toledo
Eric Simonson (pictured above) president of TKE, and senior Marketing major.
Photo by Kimberly Toledo

The LIU Post chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon has been ranked 4th in the nation by the fraternity’s Office of the Grand Chapter, first in the northeast region, and first in the New York-Metro province since June 2014 among TKE chapters, despite being a relatively new group that formed in 1989, and then removed from campus in the ‘90s, and was officially brought back in 2013 without full national recognition.

Although TKE is not yet an official chapter at Post, and is still only a colony, they have shown immense capabilities when it comes to expanding the LIU-based fraternity system.

Eric Simonson, a senior Marketing major, has been the president of TKE since 2014. “The Greek system here at Post is growing rapidly, and it can only improve from here. This is a great stage that the Greek system is at, at the moment, and can only develop for the better. It gives fraternities like ours, TKE’s, [a chance] to flourish and win accolades,” Simonson said.

Although many around the world have seen Hollywood films and TV shows depicting fraternity life as crazy, with a drinking-oriented ambition, “We are not like the stereotypical fraternity, where drinking and partying is the main focus point,” Simonson said. “In fact, we almost frown upon that analogy of the Greek system. What we do stand for and encourage is the bettering of us as men and the society we live in. Our slogan is ‘better men for a better world’, and all my brothers and I feel strongly that developing ourselves and our closest friends, as well as the general public, will improve the world.”

“Social development and creating better men to go into the world after we have graduated from Post, and even after hey have begun a different path in the brothers of TKE’s lives, is the most important thing that people will get from this fraternity,” he added.

TKE, or Tau Kappa Epsilon, thrive in trying to make not only their brothers and fraternity better as a whole, but also spread their positivity and drive throughout the Post community. This involves bake sales, charity work, and helping fellow students with any inquiries about anything around school.

Post’s TKE colony has achieved fourth place out of 266 fraternities in the United States for their community service and charitable fundraising. TKE’s fundraising includes raising money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital, which is the national charity for the every TKE fraternity across the nation, and their incredible interaction with their alumni.

Recruitment for new members of Tau Kappa Epsilon began on Monday, Feb. 9. “[Recruitment] lasts for two weeks, and we would love to have as many [join] as possible,” Simonson said. Simonson made it clear that TKE does not accept or tolerate hazing. Hazing will not occur to anyone that wants to join, according to Simonson. The members of TKE will be searching for fellow brothers who demonstrate a will to improve their skills as a man, and the will to help the community.

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