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Trailer Park Boys Review

By Bendik Sorensen
A&E Editor

At this point, we all have or know someone who has Netflix. The next step, is to watch Trailer Park Boys. The tenth season of the bad, but awesome mockumentary was just released, and it’s more of the good old same Canadian stoned humor. It’s wonderful.

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The weird, almost cult-series hovers around three childhood friends, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, and their ways of life in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The three are small time criminals, mostly spending their time fighting and harassing Jim Lahey and Randy, the park supervisors. Lahey is an alcoholic and Randy is a male prostitute, selling himself for cheeseburgers.

In season nine, we left the boys after they had finished a scheme to buy the trailer park, and firing Lahey. Bubbles had opened a kitty hotel and a bed and breakfast. Julian had a bar and massage parlor in his trailer and Ricky didn’t have much except a grand daughter and a need for “banging Lucy.” Ricky is truly not the bright one in the bunch, and really struggles with anything that requires, well, thinking. He’s only in school to do one thing, and that’s to sell drugs.

Netflix released the show in 2014, after seven seasons were done years earlier for Showcase in Canada. The show was mostly filmed in standard definition, and was not widescreen before the later seasons. It was pretty obvious when Netflix came into the picture that the budget and production value went up, and with season nine, it felt a bit like the show suffered from it. What had been a very natural feeling of just some buddies hanging out together, suddenly felt very forced, as if money suddenly became the goal, rather than quality.

It’s nice to see that in season 10, released last week, the quality is back. With help from Netflix, the show that started off as a cult favorite among the few, has reached millions. The guys frequently show up on talk shows, world tours and national television as their characters. With season 10, it comes back after a dodgy reboot, as what it used to be over ten years ago. It’s nice to have them back and they have their dope-train back on track from last season. Binge watch all 10 seasons of Trailer Park Boys now on Netflix.

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