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Transitioning with Tenacity: WCWP Sports Department

By Destiny Diggs
Contributing Writer

The once underestimated and overlooked sports department of WCWP radio station has retired from being called those names as it has grown more than four times its original size in the past four months. This ambitious group was able to grow rapidly all because of a shift of focus. Sports Director and recent alumnus Thomas Scavetta, is leading the group by keeping a clear cut vision in mind. “I wanted to make the department the best it could be. I wanted to widen our horizon and take us to the next level,” Scavetta said. “It was important to give everyone an opportunity so members could gain experience,” he added. The more experience one has the more overall success the sports department would have. “My biggest goal is to get better and better each day, I want everyone to succeed,” Scavetta said.

Photo by Destiny Diggs –  WCWP sports department holds meeting.

After holding the position of sports director for a short five months, Scavetta put an executive board in place to create a better flow during the sports seasons. The assistant sports director position is now held by senior broadcasting major Greg Vavrinec. Vavrinec is the sports department’s second in command and helps run weekly meetings. He also organizes interviews with athletes and makes sure that all content is complete and ready to go for every broadcast.

Head Engineer is sophomore Griffin Ward, who works behind the scenes controlling the volume, in-cues, out-cues, and promos. Head of Production is sophomore Nick Mattina, who creates scripts, liners, and promos. Other students outside the executive board help drive each broadcast forward. Bryan Marbach, head producer of football, is responsible for production work and focuses on timing for pre-games. The sports department has benefitted from better organization and efficiency since implementing the executive board. “The goal is not to be a big department but a department of quality,” Scavetta said.

Looking ahead, the WCWP sports department is working towards covering a wider variety of sports on campus. “We represent every athlete at this university,” Scavetta explained. The sports department currently covers football, basketball, baseball, softball, and women’s and men’s lacrosse. Scavetta hopes to add soccer, rugby, and field hockey this year. Tryouts for covering these sports will be held Friday, October 6 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Studio Four at WCWP.

The new sports crew is excited for homecoming weekend, which kickoffs Friday, October 13. Both current members of the WCWP sports department and alumni showcase their passion, skills, and love for the game of football at homecoming. “Homecoming is going to be fun as the Pioneers go against Southern Connecticut University,” Scavetta said. Alumnus Je Kroll will call the Saturday, Oct. 14 football game while alumnus Neil Marks will provide color commentator. “Jeff has been at WCWP for 46 years. I don’t know where the sports department would be without Je ,” Scavetta said. The much anticipated homecoming weekend will give members of the sports department access to alumni who have worked in professional sports. They will have the opportunity to watch and learn how those who came before them work while calling a live broadcast.

The WCWP sports department gives students hands on experience that will prepare them for the real world. Scavetta recommends not to “be afraid to go the extra mile” because “it does pay off .” He also says to, “treat this like it’s your job. Joining the sports department gives you an edge in the field.” Working with the sports department at WCWP radio one gets what they put into it and as long as you work hard and never get complacent you will see growth. The sports department is a young department in terms of experience however, that does not take away from their progression and tenacity. Vavrinec said. “The sports department might be the best it could ever be with the amount of new and young members that have joined in the last year and have made major contributions. I’m so excited what the year holds for the department.” The WCWP sports department has not only grown as a team but has challenged members to grow individually. Mattina dove in head first during his freshman year. “In this department, we strive for the best and nothing else. I learned that as soon as I joined in my first semester of freshman year. I worked my tail off every single day and made my way up through the sports department one by one, from highlight cutter, to voicing our weekly segment which updates the scores and news around LIU Post, the Pioneer Report, to reading a scoreboard update and then getting the chance to call my first game in my second semester,” Mattina said. The WCWP sports department operates like a sports team. Everyone has different positions but all of those positions are important and serve a different purpose. While playing the positions, students learn the importance of teamwork.

To join the WCWP sports department, contact or Check out their social media on Instagram @WCWPSports and Snapchat @WCWPSports! “Last year was a rebuilding year for us, this year it’s time to cash in!” Scavetta said.

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