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Travel Review: Barbados

Adina Oditt

Summer vacation is on the horizon, so if you are seeking a vacation in the Caribbean, consider the most eastern island in the Caribbean Sea that has a population of about 260,000.  Barbados, a beautiful, small nation island is surrounded by white, sandy beaches and azure water, while the interior is drowned with acres of sugar cane fields. Culturally, Barbados is a wonderful juxtaposition of two groups of people: the natives and the tourists. Just one visit to Barbados is accessible to everyone, especially due to its close proximity to the United States. There is something for everyone on this majestic island.

Airlines: Barbados is sought after from all corners of the globe, ranging from the Americas, the UK, and countries from the Pacific. Thus, getting there is quite simple since there is a large selection of airlines to choose from. Here’s a list of the top airlines offering regularly scheduled service from the U.S. and Canada to Barbados: American Airlines, Jet Blue, Caribbean Air, British Airways, and Virgin Atlantic. These airlines safely take you directly to Grantley Adams International Airport, located at Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown. Always remember to consider the most cost-efficient airline that will suit your financial needs.

Hotels/Lodging: The commercial term “all inclusive” is frequently associated with anywhere you go in the Caribbean. Barbados is famous for its all-inclusive resorts, which come in all price ranges. Once known as one of the more expensive Caribbean destinations, Barbados now boasts a grand selection of affordable accommodations without losing its edge as a luxury destination. Accommodations include lavish 5-star hotels, cozy seaside retreats, apartment hotels, and quaint seafront guest houses. Coast wise, the South is mostly favored over the others thanks to its extensive selection of moderately priced stays, diverse eateries, and the irresistible nightlife. However, there are great east coast hotels and guest houses as well as remote northern hideaways.

Attractions/Sightseeing: Although Barbados is a relatively small island, it holds endless activity that keeps you busy no matter how long you stay. Enjoy the shimmering, crystal-clear waters on a pleasure or party cruise, or explore the exotic marine life on a snorkeling trip. Suspense seekers may prefer a rugged outback or safari tour, exploring the gullies and hidden treasures by horseback and hiking. Since Barbados is the birthplace of rum, it imperative to visit its several rum factories located throughout the island. Historically, stop by the Barbados Museum to inform yourselves about the intense Barbadian timeline, and afterwards, consider the grand Harrison Caves if you are in for an adventure. Barbados also has one of the oldest parliaments in the Common Wealth, so the government buildings are also worth a look around.

Cuisine: An alluring blend of old and new, Bajan cuisine (Barbadian culture/dialect) incorporates the influences of West Indian, Caribbean, African, and European delights to create a unique culinary experience. The Bajan diet includes flying fish, a national symbol. Seafood is a staple of the Barbadian’s diet due to the surrounding waters that provide an abundance of saltwater delicacies, such as tuna, red snapper, shark, salmon, cod, kingfish, and lobster. From elegant hotel dining to informal meals available at the many fast food establishments, sports bars, bistros, and beach bars, you are sure to find the perfect Barbados restaurant that suits your needs.


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